America Demands More Fish!

A small, unbelievably generous portion of America, anyway. After just one weekend, we’re already OVER HALF (Update: OVER TWO THIRDS!) of the way to our fundraising goal. Joel and I are thoroughly blindsided. Please share the donation page in any fashion you choose and help us bring the Fish world to screen!


After a flurry of work today, Fish’s body is one step closer to being done. The patterns are set and I’m switching to the final foam material tomorrow. It’s been fascinating to undo Sam Hale‘s construction from eight years ago and see all the intricate work that went into Fish. I’ve kept the fin and face, barring any accidents, and am focusing on getting the right body in place. We’re five days away from shooting, so I’m slightly terrified, but deadlines are good. Deadlines are good. Deadlines are the devil with a claw hammer aimed at your brain pan, but they’re also good.



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