Thank you!

We not only met our fundraising goal, we exceeded it! Less than a week after we announced it. I’ve never raised any money for any project before in my life (Joel once raised money for a friend of his in Africa to afford school, so that disqualifies him from saying the same, the selfish jackmunch). It feels pretty overwhelming to know that Fish has not just fans, but actual supporters. It also feels pretty great to have just come up with a great new insult. Here’s to “jackmunch” catching on. What’s that? I’ve just been told that it will not.

Two days til the shoot! I’m here at Legacy after hours to finish up Fish with fabricator Blake Bolger, who’s finalizing Fish’s sweater with me.


An exclusive look at Fish’s new sweater before fitting! No fainting, please.


Everyone at the shop has been unbelievably helpful in getting Fish done under the gun. I’m nervous or excited depending on the minute. So much left to be done. Thank you to everyone who donated and spread the word.


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