Where am I?!

FISHinaSWEATER27What a month! So, sometime around March 25th, as Ben, Mychelle (the producer that came on to help us), and I were trying desperately to find some dates in April that our much-sought-after DP, Mat Rudenberg, and our much-sought-after co-star, Gabe were available on the same frickin’ day, the only weekend where the stars aligned was April 5th and 6th. 10 days away.  Ben texted me something to the effect of, “If we try, I think we can do it a week from Saturday,” to which I replied, “Umm…I really f#$king doubt it!” I mean, we didn’t have a location locked down, we didn’t have a crew locked down, and we knew we were going to have to raise some money, but we didn’t even know how much at this point.

So, like I always do, I told Ben he was insane. Then I thought about it. Then I said to myself and then Ben, “Fine. Let’s make it happen.”

So a couple days later we met at Lodger Films to scout their stage and we put together a budget. That night I started making the fundraising page. We started amassing our crew. A couple days later we launched our fundraising campaign and met with our art director, who was tasked with turning an empty stage at a production company’s facility into a bar on a shoestring budget. A week later, our fundraising goal was met and surpassed, our crew was booked, and Lodger Films now hosted the coolest speakeasy in Silverlake.

Somehow, in the midst of Ben working his day job while rebuilding Fish and me turning in cuts of two different episodes of the show I’m working on, we managed to pull off shooting the most ambitious project to date for the Fish family. And it was great. Or at least that’s how I remember it. I’ll be honest, it’s a blur. Especially since we spent the portion of the week usually reserved for licking our wounds and re-charging from the week behind us undertaking this herculean task, only to be thrust back into the melee of our nine-to-fives immediately upon completion.

Our wrap party lasted about an hour. Ben gave a toast. I’ve listened to many a Ben toast over the years, and he finally got me. I shed I tear. I’m proud of how far we’ve come, the people we’ve amassed as fans and friends, and the best work we’ve ever done laying in front of us.

Thanks again to everyone who donated their time and talents, including everyone who worked those two days for us. And an extra special thanks to my awesome wife, Erin, who took full charge of our son, Otis, so I could focus on what needed to get done and who did so gladly. And if I may get a little (more) self-indulgent, thank you to you, Otis. The changes in my life that have come as a result of becoming a father have made me so much more capable of putting my doubts behind me and realizing that there ain’t nothing to it but to do it. Because that’s what we did. Can’t wait to share the short with you all!

Thanks again!


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