Automated Dialogue Replacement fever! Catch it!

Last night, we dove into some ADR over at Lodger films, a process of replacing lines of dialogue that is both a strange test of lip-sync abilities and test to see how long it takes for one English language phrase to lose all meaning. Remember when you were a kid and you said the word “elbow” over and over until it sounded like the most foreign sounding reverberation of soundwaves to ever hit the planet? Sort of like that, except with the phrase “I thought I left my keys on the subway.” The three of us have been scrambling around so much none of us thought to whip out a camera, so you’ll just have to rely on a sketch from memory:

Artist’s rendering

In other news, Joel’s got a baby-cold, Gabe’s off to Europe next week and Ben’s off to nap in his car on lunch. We love you guys and can’t wait to show you the new short soon!




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