Ben performs at Comic-Con!

If you’re wondering where Ben Barnes was last week and why he now sounds like a bailiff from Night Court, he has just returned minus vocal cords after performing four days straight at this year’s Comic-Con. Ben voiced and puppeteered a chatty, self-important alien atop a fourteen-foot giant creature as they trod around San Diego. Designed and built by Legacy Effects, Bodock the Giant Creature premiered on Jimmy Kimmel Live last week before heading south to amaze/frighten children and dogs. 140726_Bodock_GiantCreature_SDCC_93435_re Bodock the Giant Creature and his diplomat partner Ja’Naar the Somewhat Important required four people inside and another four outside to operate. They marveled at the crowds, gave interviews, and shut down traffic for blocks. 140725_Giant_Creature_SDCC_94062     Ben even performed as Bodock for a bit with the San Diego PD. With the Fish Prologue done and this Comic-Con trip under his belt, Ben’s embarked on a three-day postpartum binge of Netflix and cheese sandwiches in the tub. Or so we think. I’m not going in there to check.

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