Fish In A Sweater: Three Dollar Drafts is out! (On Facebook)

A week and a half ago, we began our rollout of Fish In A Sweater: Three Dollar Drafts by releasing it on Facebook, and we didn’t know what to expect. Sometimes, we’d go to a screening of a Fish short, and there’d be three laughs. Other times there’d be waves of laughter for the exact same short. What if Facebook collectively shrugged its shoulders, like it does with all of Gabe’s My So-Called Life-themed bundt cakes?


Thankfully, Three Dollar Drafts took to the facebook like a video of wildfire. We got 70,000 views in the first few days! So thank you, those of you with facebook accounts. We’re truly grateful and amazed. Those without facebook accounts, don’t fret; we’ll have other formats up eventually (in the meantime, why not sit and reflect on why you want to ruin everyone’s party by having completely legitimate privacy concerns in what is becoming a social-media dystopia of high-angle selfies and photographed food).

Thanks so much for watching our new short! We want to keep you informed and involved in the next step for Fish, so…

If you’re a fan (and if you’ve made it this far into our post, the shoe fits) The best you can do to help us out is

• Share our video on Facebook
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The rest is up to us.

Love from all of us over here at Fish In A Sweater!

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