Hollyshorts Wrapup




Well, it was a whirlwind week of partying, elbow-rubbing, and, oh yea, watching short films.

We always have a great time during Hollyshorts, but this year was special, as Fish came out and joined us for his first ever walk on the red carpet as part of the opening festivities!  Needless to say, Fish’s appearance made a big, well, uh, splash. There I said it. Let’s move on. People were stoked to see him, and we Periscoped the whole thing. Yes, we’re on Periscope! More on that soon.





We got some great pics of Ben and Fish, rarely seen in public together, and poor Ben took one for the team so we could get a good shot of Joel and Fish.


Our screening went great. We screened with a lot of talented filmmakers in the Webisode block and got a great response. Fish came out again as well as very special guest, the one and only Gabriel Tigerman!

Gang on Red Carpet

joel on mic2


Fish even joined us for a very abbreviated Q&A after the screening in which Joel managed to besmirch the good name of Richard Linklater.

“I just wanted to say that that is us, eight years ago, in the picture on the card. So f@#k Boyhood.”


Another huge, heartfelt thank you to Theo, Daniel, And Nicole at Hollyshorts for another great year. If you’ve yet to check out this festival, we highly recommend getting out to support these guys next time around.


PS- We love Boyhood. And Richard Linklater.

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